About Us

The Redeemer Ministry Institute (RMI) is a collaborative Reformed initiative in the greater San Diego/Tijuana area that develops leaders for pastoral and lay ministry. In particular, we work alongside of those whose paths into ministry are outside of traditional seminary programs. We are affiliated with the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) and offer gospel focused learning environments and mentorship for students leading to one of three accredited Masters Degrees through our unique partnership with Reformed Theological Seminary. We offer discounted tuition as well as an auditing track for those wishing to be further equipped for ministry and leadership.

Our Vision

  • To build a pipeline of gospel-centered church planters, pastors, and ministry leaders by offering advanced training for leadership development:
  • Theological Education from a Top Level Seminary (RTS Global program)
  • Learning in Community (cohorts of learners in relational Socratic dialogue)
  • Character Formation for Spiritual Leadership (embedding gospel ethos)
  • Experience and Mentoring in Missional Ministry (connection to local church)
  • Be a Gospel Centered Resource Center through RMI’s Online Library

Our Students

Many RMI students are bi-vocational ministers or lay leaders in “Reformed” leaning churches. We have students from Acts29, Sovereign Grace, the Evangelical Free Church of America, the PCA, and other independent ministries. Our students are looking for a reputable and accredited distance program with access to a class room environment with an opportunity to gain ministry leadership skills, and hands on spiritual formation.

Our Leaders

  • Bryan Schafer
  • Paul Kim
  • Eric Kapur
  • Dick Kaufmann